Another Birth/Another Story

Was your last birth difficult or traumatic?

Are you pregnant and anxious about the upcoming birth?

 Is it hard to find understanding for your distress?

You are not alone.

Eighteen percent of women in the 2008 New Mothers Speak Out survey experienced some of the characteristics of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD): flashbacks of the birth, nightmares, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, anxiety or panic, anger or irritability, numbness or avoidance. Nine percent of the mothers surveyed met all the criteria for PTSD. (Childbirth Connection, 2008)  Fathers and partners can experience trauma at birth, too.


Another Birth/Another Story is a 3-session specialty childbirth education class developed by Susan Lane CD, LCCE, CLC and Suzanne Swanson to help pregnant couples who’ve experienced a previous distressing or traumatic birth to

  • release trauma
  • reclaim the earlier birth
  • rebuild confidence
  • restore intimate partnership


Classes are offered several times a year at various metro locations.  $150/couple.  Both partners must attend.  For more information, or to register, contact Susan Lane   —, 612.810.1544 —  or Suzanne Swanson —, 651 221-9709.

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Find more about birth trauma at PATTCh (Prevention and Treatment of Trauma in Childbirth).